A downloadable game for macOS

Shoot zombies with satisfying explosions of guts and points! Mess around with friends and see who can get the most epic kills! Work together or you both will die! To be released this winter, Through the Hoard: Together is a couch co-op zombie shooter.

Warning: Only the Mac version is currently playable. The game requires Xbox controllers, and a driver for controllers if you don't have one installed already.

This game requires two players

Music provided by Brannan Vitek and http://www.purple-planet.com

Sound Effects provided by https://freesound.org

Install instructions

Mac Version

Warning: This game is currently only playable via Xbox controllers.

To use Xbox controllers on a Mac, you must have a driver for Xbox controllers installed.

1. Download the game

2. Play the game

Windows Version (Currently unavailable)

Warning: You cannot move in this game due to control configuration differences between platforms that have not been changed yet.

1. Download both files for Windows

2. Unzip both files

3. Make sure "Through the Hoard- Together.exe" and "Through the Hoard- Together_Data" are next to one another

4. Play the game


Through the Hoard- Together.app.zip 23 MB

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